Written by Anindya Mukherjee

The Mother is weeping..........

In this world where Humans are more
Growing faster than anything else
Fighting for every bread, fighting
for survival, fighting for land
In this world Humand say we are developed
We have done a lot for the society but what have
we done? Can we see that with our eyes?
Today the mother earth is weeping...
With Unlimited sorrow she cries all time
and still we are unable to see the misiries we
Created to her in terms of pollution
In Terms of Unhapiness, In terms of Destruction
In Terms of Deforestation we have devasted her
And so invited demons like famine, drought
Tsunami and others and we feel we are progressed
Request you O humans Please listen
The mother Earth is weeping................
Jealous Mind.......... I was just a small kid then I studied, I played, I laughed, I smiled I was not worried about what others said, because I had my own world my own dreams my imagination but I did not understand as a small child Why? Why did you always wanted, Wanted to prove me bad, prove me wrong I grew up a little older and my wisdom grew my brain worked a little better you told my close friends, I am a bad boy you made them believe I am bad I worked hard for my grades, but my friend's thought I was the teachers pet they gave me numbers because I helped them it was hard for me to convince them because you had a better power to convince them I was amazed all the time, I wondered why Why do you do this to me, not sometimes but every time I try to be do things my way you make a joke of it, you say it is bad You say I have just tried to cheat other I have tried to pull others down by means that are not unfair, that are not ethical As time went by and my maturity increased I began to understand, it is for the jealousy the jealousy you had for me inside your mind probably because I was more popular I had established my identity better..... I worked hard, harder than you to make the people feel I am there, I am somebody.... I still have no personal feelings towards you because I know you are mentally ill jealousy is a mental immaturity that is present in some humans to an extent that they do not hesitate to show others down do not hesitate to hurt somebody's feelings For a jealous person, one who is successful or one who is recognized is an enemy for someone who is jealous only subordinates and the people without any backbone are the best friends, they can never be happy because they are happy when others are sad if you are jealous of me, I am sorry I cannot help you because I am a positive mind, I have always been working my brain, towards creating my identity towards proving to the world that I exist to make a place for me in the people's mind I would always be happy if you are successful When you achieve you goal I would congratulate you But I am sorry I cannot make you happy I cannot release your tension, I cannot calm your anxiety Because you are a jealous mind.........for whom other's pain is a way to enjoy......but I am sorry I am with hard work So at the end the world will be mine
An Evening with Grandfather........... The story of the Christmas carol and the childhood motivating stories have always played a deep impact inside my mind some way or the other and I have always been worried about how these stories are and how real are the way in which we call god. People believe in the concept of chanting mantras and prayers which have a definite meaning but to me the existence was always a question the answer of which was not properly framed, till that day when I believe god came to me as the old man.......... I was alone at home and so I decided to go for an evening walk and enjoy the cool breeze that was blowing by the pond. But then my eyes feel into an old gentleman who appeared to be a very knowledgeable and was in traditional white dress. His hair was dry ad had lost it's color but the shine in his eyes and the glow in his face proved that he had some depth inside him, from inside my heart wanted to speak to him speak to the person for the first time and interact because wisdom increases with increase in age and knowledge increases the more you listen but obviously not with some useless talks which we generally do chatting with friends. But I think no person in this world should be surprised if I say that sometimes very innovative ideas come up in the roadside tea stalls also. The man gave me a smile and asked me the time. I said and then asked my name and enquired my residence. I was not supposed to speak to strangers, he could be someone who could give me a biscuit containing a sleeping pill and could run away with my mobile but somehow form my inside it felt that this man was going to give me a good lesson in my life. We soon interacted he said he does a lot of things in life, but his primary task is to show mankind the right path in their life. I thought for an instant that he was crazy. He said as a normal human you say you want to be successful, and you always try to be perfect but you have not defined the definition of Success and Perfection till date and probably no human can because even god is not perfect and that is why sometimes defective humans and abnormal animals are born, hatred is still there, and whatever in this universe is being created shall one day be destroyed. I had to agree to him because I could use my logical reasoning to make his point invalid.......... He asked suddenly ," Do you trust strangers?" I replied ,"No!" but I had developed a hidden trust about this man inside me and it appeared that this man was trustworthy and I could learn something from him about the different perspective he was giving me about life. He was actually giving a concept that perfection is just like limit tending to one in calculus which means the value of unknown variable X shall move near zero but never be equal to zero, and perfection was kept at point zero. So I replied since now we have interacted for quite a lot of time grandfather so we are not anymore strangers. He asked me can you trust me and see what life is with me, I will take you to few places and show you people who are not perfect but they are happy, very happy in their life. If you do not mind walking with me and going to some places for sometime which you alone shall never go. I thought in my mind and decided to trust upon him, not totally ruling out the thought of being actually trapped and being kidnapped. I had a fear in my mind but my heart said me to move on. We decided to walk and look at three humans who are actually happy. The first was MALATI. We went to malati's house a shabby home from outside a small one, but inside it was beautifully neat and clean. People like you and me should never talk to malati to be very frank because she belonged to the third type of Human Being and earned her living by singing in the local train and begging. Malati greeted grandfather and greeted me with a warm welcome and gave us wonderful coffee to drink, I still felt it was an attempt to kidnap me and was a trap but some instinct inside me was telling me that it was a learning experience. An experience that would change my attitude the way of my thinking. I decided to have some courage and had a sip it was the best coffee I had ever had and the taste was superb with raisins, nuts and chocolates and the cream. I gained some courage and asked malati don't you feel sad sometimes for what you are. Malati smiled and said," You are lucky, but I am happy that I am atleast a human, I have all you have and I can do all you can do only thing is I cannot multiply. It felt sad but not when Grandfather met me and showed me how to find happiness in helping others, now every day I earn around Rs. 5000/- begging the whole day probably you give me more out of fear that my curse will ruin your life, but I have always blessed all everybody in my life. I now give food to beggars, I now buy fishes and put them back to the pond and that gives me the happiness the happiness to survive. I wished malati goodbye and touched her feet because it was she who was actually trying to maintain our marine ecosystem somehow by buying alive fishes from the fish market and put it back to the ponds and may be because of her efforts we were getting more local fishes to some extent. It was a small effort on her part but it needed a big heart to do it actually. I went out and I was feeling that humans like malati if allowed to come to the mainstream will make wonders, may be because they are special and should not be ignored till grandfather took me to the house of murshed chacha............. Murshed Chacha was a labourer. He did not even get two meals most of the days. His house were broken, clothes were torn. He lived with his son aslam and his wife Hasina. Aslam lost his hands and was unable to do his basic jobs and Hasina had to work as a domestic help. They had the troubles of the entire world. It appeared to me that if I was in their position my survival would have been at stake, But murshed chacha had a smile that would probably end all the hatred in the world, Hasina was so beautiful that she could have won the title of miss Universe if groomed properly but, for them getting a plate of rice twice was a question. Grandfather bought a plate of tarkadal and chapatis for them and when he gave it to them Murshed chacha hesitated. He did not want to take any food for free but grandfather convinced him saying it was form him a treat to get a new friend, and he pointed me. I was proud that for the first time my friendship to someone could give them their food for the night. I was about to cry. My heart was filled with immense joy and the pleasure of helping somebody to eliminate his hunger is also a great experience, the people who have done it must have known, if not some day try and feed a beggar's child with an "egg roll" and see the joy on their face. But then we had to leave them to because the time was short and the third man was waiting for grandfather............ But on the road a strange thing was happening to me I was walking quite fast, and doing all sorts of discussions with grandfather, I was literally walking faster than the automobiles at the road and I could feel some driving force beside me but I was not sure whether it was the effect of meeting malati's blessings or murshed chacha and his family's happy face but some invisible force was making me walk faster, faster than my original speed...... He was Mr. LAL or Advocate Dr. LAL, lived with his family and had all modern facilities available. A doctorate in LAW and one of the best known in his profession and was also a very famous professor. He had a beautiful daughter but she was totally a spoiled, be had his wife who had an affair with his brother and his son was addicted to drugs. For Dr. LAL money was always present as a motivation, he had money to do all leisure activities go to spa, best hotels and drink the costliest whine but he had no happiness because his family was totally shattered. I asked grandfather after we came out. In the meantime we were offered special chocolate cookies, imported biscuits, the best available champagne but the warmth with which malati was serving was totally absent, all that was done was done because it had to be done and was a part of the protocol, but then I asked why was it so that Mr. LAL could not make his family, Grandfather said ',LAL is a very successful man in his profession. He has won a number of cases and in the urge to make money has ignored his family and as his wife was lonely she ran with his brother when his twin son and daughter were kids. LAL was a strong lawyer and so he proved that his children's custody should be with them and their mother was incapable of looking after them. His wife cried a lot but forgot as she lost all hopes and LAL would not change his decision. She is now happily married with LAL's cousin Mr. NAG and has a son who serves as a doctor in the army. LAL had put the best governess and staff for his children but the result is in front of you because money cannot give you everything in life. Mr. LAL to everybody form outside when goes in his Merceedes may be a happy man but he is really sad and is a totally unhappy man." It was then Grandfather asked me ,"Now what do you feel about success, how do you relate yourself as the choice among the three characters and If you can chose to be socially responsible like malati, maintain your family like murshed chacha and make a sound carrier like LAL then you can be called a perfect man. To be called successful you must balance between all three and then you can say that you have gone very near to the limit of success........." , he smiled. I suddenly noticed that Grandfather was slowly becoming blurred. He said me, whenever you face a trouble try to imagine these three character's and think on behalf of them you will come out I hope and then my telephone rang. I picked up and opened my eyes. It was my mother giving me a wake up call, wishing me a good morning.......I was now with grandfather it was evening and suddenly how could I travel faster than time. It was either I met god who came to me and suggested me how to live my life or it was a dream of my imagination which was projected by my brain in co-ordination of my heart when I was asleep. I did not remember what had happened last evening, whether I had my food or not, I could only remember I came back from college and had regular evening tea and washed my face..........but after I had a bath getting ready for college I saw Grandfather again, this time in the photograph which we all worship as god............... And I remembered his words, "God will not help you if you chant mantras for him and give him offerings, give him water, god will give you positive energy when you have the self belief and the desire to perform, the motivation to respect and the ability to love, the way you perform and then you thank god for what he has given you, god will show you the way, he gives you several opportunities and you have to judge the best option for you. Because he is not perfect he cannot control you but he gives you several option and you have to trust yourself and if you trust yourself you actually trust god......................". From that day day in my life I have always tried to prove to myself my abilities and that has taken me far in my life, improving my communication motivation, my common sense and my desire to perform and survive........... Anindya Mukherjee
the beautiful smile

It was all that I could say
on that day, she was there
there on the station when I 
was in the return journey
to peruse my dream 
my carrier in the army 
a little upset for not 
making it to the finals 
of the dream occupation
it was all I was waiting for
not really looking at her 
till she asked me which 
was entering the platform.
It was not her train as 
she informed me and I 
was a little happy to have 
her beautiful company when
I learned her destination 
was on the same track I was to 
travel, soon decided to help her 
 To explain her beauty in words
is not possible though and i wish 
I had some painting skills 
but to define her I wish to say 
Goddess was just a little beautiful 
than her, and her innocent smiling face 
it appeared that she was simple 
and after a conversation I learned 
she was a would be doctor, going to 
home, after her first year,
I wondered if I ..........
could meet her again 
we talked about ourself , 
and also many more 
and time passed like a rocket.......
sharing heavy and lighter 
moments of life it felt as
if we have known each other 
for a long time, till her 
destination came and 
she wished me goodbye...........
i helped her get down 
with her heavy luggage 
and she vanished with the 
whistle and the smoke 
of the railway engine with 
the memories of her smile in 
my mind......but to be or not 
to be, wherever she is I tried 
but could not forget 
her beautiful smile...............

Anindya Mukherjee (Neil)

The Nature's Revenge........

God gave mankind a beautiful place to live
The birds that sing for him, animals that work for him
He gave him streams rivers and many things
But man for his greed to live better
Started to use his brains, started to destroy nature
Began to kill animals for fun, destroy others' houses
Began to destroy habitat, pollute the air
without any care and no really thinking along
about the consequences that shall follow...........
They developed technology and increased pollution 
Human population grew with advancement everyday
Not thinking  what the pollution can bring for him
The nature will get angry some day.....
shall mark up a revenege on him.. with devastation
with destruction triggered by the furious natural calamities
With the Tidal waves washing the polluting plants
The urge to live better is now taking a toll to his life
The places where it rained are now becoming dry
With floods and Tsunamis becoming common phenomenon
with the earthquakes and landslides
the devastation has started and is on a go
to stop it we have to be green, cut pollution
and make the environment clean...............

Confessions of the man without emotions........

I have run the rat race faster and faster and never ever cared to feel for anybody. For me my monetary gains were far more important than to feel for anybody in my young life. To win and win was the ultimate target I had taken. My emotions have become like a machine now from the time I have been running for success I have just planned to proceed in life making a plan, and in case plan A failed in my mind I always try to have a backup plan.......the LOVE,HATRED etc in me has vanished somewhere in the darkness........

When others felt love was a part of life, when others laughed and played, I was busy in making my wealth and was busy creating my name. I bought big homes, made big factories, traveled in big cars and never cared when I exploited others for my gain I had one simple motto to earn and earn to make wealth, by hook or by crook. My emotions were always dead. My employees married and had a life, they enjoyed with their wife and children, but to me my money was my wife the only aim in my life. I worked and never thought that I need a companion in my life, I had money, I had servants to work for me. I thought money can buy everything. I made hospitals, hotels, big factories and my property was tremendous. But I was by heart alone, as time went by I felt something was going out of my life....something was missing. In my race to success I had a quarrel with my family and had even dumped the girl who loved me.......because to me money was the essence of life rather than to have relation.

But as time went past and my health went down, I realized emotions. Emotions are the essential part of life, to share your feelings you must have a wife. To look at your wealth when you grow old you need your children. Money is not the only factor for a happy life. I got to understand with age that my son would be more important for me, who can look after my property, my wife who could confront me and give me a moral support. With time my efficiency went down and my companies were making loss. I was in debt and lost all, with nothing more I could gain.........I was in severe pain, loosing all I had.........

With all that I have got and all that I feel, I would like to suggest you all, go for making wealth, but emotions are the important part of human life. Do not forget your family, in the urge to make your wealth, because with age and when your youth diminishes it is difficult to stay, and you feel lonely, you feel disgusted with life.....because man is a social animal............to be alone is the most difficult part of life...........

Where is the joy of life........

Sitting with books in the table I thought
how happy are the children who play in the streets
for me passing the exams and getting a good job
was the ultimate priority, making the name of my family
becoming an officer, a respected man was the goal
When they enjoyed at the streets I was with books
Learning, understanding and practicing harder and harder
To become a big man was my aim
But I never realized the joy of winning
a local cricket match, or making myself dirty.......
They said the smell of mud was great
but for me my books and my marks were my world
I got good marks, my parents say I am a good boy
They fed me, they loved me, bought a lot of stuff
to make me an educated man, a respected man......
But when I saw them play, enjoy everyday
In my wish I thought , one day I could laugh
one day I would have girlfriends like them.......
But before I got a chance things were too late
I was married to someone who was beautiful
Someone who was was a good wife
But I could not realize If I loved her
To me happiness was and is always undefined
I want to know where lies the true life.........
In the games of street, or the books I read.....
In the large cabins of my corporate office
where I sit in the biggest chair now............
or it is in the fields where they milk cows,
make my rice, hear the birds and save all our
Stomachs getting dry............ 

The words of Eba.......

It was raining heavily that night and I was alone at home. My mom and sister like every year were out of station to my dad's place. I was enjoying my time, enjoying the television, nobody was there to scold me when I was continuously on my computer. But then a sudden chat on the internet with a mysterious lady changed the way I looked at life,she changed my thinking all together .  I was chatting with Eba whom I had met online never ever met her on face. . I had shared all my false details with her because I felt it's not secured to share your security online, Eba was an Islamic lady. It was she who first made me feel that there is a divine power that controls the universe and I began to believe that god does exist. we introduced each other and am not sure whether she had her real identity but to me more important was the advice she gave and the way she could justify that god is true for all, and no religion spreads hatred. I had said I was an engineer at IITs and changed my name though my college was TIIT. Eba had her husband fighting for the army. He was posted at the border but she did not support the hatred that was going on.

And it was Eba who told me that "War is created by mankind to prove his power, man has destroyed himself due to the greed, hunger for power. Man from the very time of his existence has tried tried to dominate ,and in this urge to domination he has created division. In the name of religion, in the name colour, in the name of race, in the name of geographic origin."

I then replied, "It is the rule of nature , the survival of the fittest. If  you cannot compete you loose. In mammals life begins with a race where you compete with your fellow sperms to start. It is the rule from the very beginning that somebody has to loose so that the best can survive. Even the animals do fight each other to mark up the territories. The organism who is best suited for an ecosystem is the only one who survives. A carnivore eats up other animals for his survival. Destruction is done to balance the construction and maintain a balance otherwise the world would have been a clumsy place.

Eba replied," Your justification is well accepted my friend but tell me one thing was the barbarism of Hitler for the rule of nature. Were the bombs dropped at Herosima and Nagasaki required. Were they rule of nature. My husband is in the war, my son sleeping and myself chatting with an unknown man in a distant country not knowing whether tomorrow my love of life will not come back to me or not. He is not fighting to prove he is the best, he is fighting because we need the bread, my son needs a proper education, my daughter needs a groom, is it justified that for a hatred that was not required at all we sacrifice so much. When Mr. Khan comes back from the war, he cries!!, he cries on my lap." , I added, "Yeah mam speak, I guess Mr. Khan is your husband.", Eba continues," Yes he is my life, my dream, the other part of my soul, he saved me when I was stuck in a riot, my family was burnt, alive, Mr. Khan rescued me and kept me in his home, and maintained my dignity and high esteem till I one day fell in love with his personality."

To change the mood, " So when did Khan sir propose you? Then." She replied "My friend , Mr. Khan is one of the lucky men who was proposed by a girl, a girl who was just 18 that time and Khan saab was about 10 years older than me. We married in the court. And khan saab had nobody either. His father died serving the nation and his mother expired when he was a kid." I replied, " Don't mind, do you follow Islam, I mean just out of curiosity, that would not make any difference, because generally Khan in my country is the surname for Islamic believers."

She replied," Dude do not hesitate in life, and it is not a fact that all Islamists  are terrorists, very few of them are and have been a menace to the religion. They have made the religion dirty. A terrorist has only one religion my friend, that is the religion of greed, the religion of hatred, the religion of brutality which is collectively called terrorism. They do kill and kill and do not think of any good, they need an issue to display their barbarism my friend. I replied," Come on mam, I did not mean you and Khan saab are a terrorist. I do have Muslim friends who are great people and I am sure you too are."

Eba continued, " That proves you are a good soul, religion has no game to play with love my friend, I worship hindu goods "Ma Kali, Lord Ganesha,etc" and Khan saab prays "TheAllah", We celebrate the Diwali and also the Holi, EID is also a festival in our house. We do not let love and religion mix up."

I continued,"Do not take me otherwise but your children, whom do they worship? Because religion in some cases is important. And the Eba's magical words continued which I shall always remember," My friend, I taught my children to worship everything present in this world, God is everywhere. U being an engineer must say, why we men and scientific minded people have made the world according to us, but who gave you the raw materials, it's god. I read in a magazine someday though not much learned like you that that the Universe was a ball of matter with everything in one place that exploded. You will know better. " I said yeah, "It is the Big Bang Theory you are talking about mam." She said, " Yeah your Bang who created the material for the Bang and who made the Bang, it must be god.". I had no option but to accept her. She the also added, " What do you call the basic particles that make all materials, I studied science till school , did not remember exactly, some electron and protons." "Yes , you remember right madam electrons, protons, neutrons, alpha particles , beta particles , are the fundamental building block of materials which are arranged in different ways to make up, that are in turn made up of quarks the basic building blocks of all matter." I added." What is quarks I never knew about it."

I copied from a reliable internet source,"A quark (pronounced /ˈkwɔrk/or /ˈkwɑrk/) is an elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter. Quarks combine to form composite particles called hadrons, the most stable of which are protons and neutrons, the components of atomic nuclei Due to a phenomenon known as color confinement, quarks are never found in isolation; they can only be found within hadrons. For this reason, much of what is known about quarks has been drawn from observations of the hadrons themselves."

She learned new  concept, and I was proud to make her know the fact. I also learnt that day about a lot new concepts. Eba added now you say"Then these Quarks are God, the basic things which make all the materials." I could not again justify Eba that quarks are not God or God's particles.

But still I could not believe something that I had never seen. I asked Eba," Mam did you see god, how do you prove his existence, because whatever logic you are giving is philosophical, no scientific theory has proved his existence madam." "He is everywhere, in the form of he and in the form of she", She replied, "When You feel hot, you switch on the fan or the AC my friend God gives you the air. Who tells you when you are hungry your brain, but god tells your brain you are hungry. Now before the exam you must have said god save me, if you cannot prove god why do you call him/her. God does exist everywhere in our heart in our mind in our daily life." " But , My friend did you see god. Have you ever felt him/her." I asked Eba.

Yes, all people have seen and felt god Eba replied. I felt she was crazy but let her continue. She asked me, "My friend when you fall sick or are in extreme pain, or in some mess with your daily life whom do you first call, your mother right." "To be honest yes. I call my mother really for every small reason". "When you need any advice you call your dad, or when you need some money for your day to day expenses your dad funds that am I right", Yeah I had no option but yes. " And you were created because your dad and mom wanted to create you", Eba added.

Nobody  in this world could deny what she was speaking and I still replied," Yes but how does this make me meet god." Eba replied " God!! Who is god, one who creates you, one who protects you,  one who trains you, one who fulfills your needs, wants and desires. Someone who guides you whenever there is a problem. Your parents do this for you and you are lucky, you have with you the two forms of God. Your father and your mother,both. "," I really felt proud about the high thinking of this unknown lady, who had such a high logic to explain something which has no concrete scientific proof as such. I had to believe and I was convinced that for every living beings the father and mother are god,",

The Night was midnight and I was to go to college next day, I wished Eba a goodnight and assured her that Mr. Khan would come back soon and one day according to her wish shall come when all the mankind shall live in peace together in a White globe with no boundaries and demarcations, based on religion colour and sect. But after wishing her goodnight that day my contact with Eba was lost. I never logged on to "Yahoo Messenger" with that Id "smartboyrockedup87@yahoo.com"anymore and also I did not add Eba to my friend list. I forgot the password too but the  Eba and her dream of a white globe with no boundaries still haunt memory and the words of Eba remained in my mind......................................


The first raindrops..........

After the hot spell of the scorching sun
The first raindrops bring a relief of hope
Washing away the  the tides of heat
Bringing with it the diamonds in shape
of the the raindrops that fall on you 
making you fell the the cold and
washing away the streets and by-lanes 
taking your soul in high spirits with the
motivation to perform, with the hope to love
When the first raindrops fall on you
On your closed eyes they fell the world's happiness
Washing away all the negative thoughts
Giving you a new way new dimension to recreate your dreams
Shaping the way to successful way..............
To desire and  and to achieve
with a new hope that comes along.................
with the every drop of raindrop that fall........

One small hope

In the million desires buried in the darkness
Billion hopes come alive with a sunshine
with one ray of hope that falls on you
Kills the  million negative thoughts.
To survive in life is all you need
some food to keep your hunger calm
water to drink and keep clean..............
But to survive, to stay you need something more
A reason to laugh, a reason to love
To live and let live, survive together in peace
There may be several reasons to cry to feel sad
but one reason to feel happy can make your
life a wonderful experience.........................
to feel sad you have all the day
but there may be a one reason to feel the joy
to cherish your heart with positive hope
and make others happy with your wonderful smile..........

The Unemployed.........

With Interviews lined up every day
Tearing million shoes to walk finding a job
a suitable job that pays decent
That fulfills my needs, fulfills my desire
With degree and certificates piling high and high
The CV weigtage increasing  every day
But the experience is of no use with the time passing by...........
Some say I lack experience and some say
I am not qualified for the job.................
I do not find options other than begging and stealing
Because I lack ideas, I lack funds to start my own business
I then re-motivate myself and console my soul
Dude your time is not over a better time shall  come your way
But the other side of my soul says go for a steal, go for a stealing
But then my ethics come by and I restrain my instantaneous thoughts
They said I need experience for their job............
But my question to them is what the freshers like me shall do...........
with every hope lost, the new hopes are created
because one day I believe my hope will come to reality
I will also be having my very own job, my responsibility
Because sometime in the long past a great man had said..............
As every dark night is followed by a sunshine.......
There is a happy ending to every hard struggle
a man has to face in his life.............................................


The lost love....

There was a time when my life was you
The morning was you, the evening was you
I loved you and you  were my life
I was happy, I was proud, I was a dude 
I got all the millage because you were the
most beautiful girl in school and I was
your so called boyfriend, I was the famous dude...
Things went high but there was no aim in my life
Your love was the beginning and it was the end
of my life at that time.....not thinking of any other thing
Others dreamed of a wonderful carrier I dreamed of only you
And then one day you said me to forget you
To leave you alone, your father said  another man will marry you
I wanted him to understand how much I loved you
I wanted some time form you......to prove myself
To prove I am not a looser...............................
I was not just a dude worth nothing
But you married him and went and taught me the lesson of life
You taught me that life is not just love but also integrated with
Smart work, it is something which never waits, never fails

You taught me to have a backup plan to make my dream
I studied and got to pursue my carrier for the first time I realized
My carrier was more important than my love life

You became happy with your life and your son
And remain somewhere in the corner of my sub-conscious mind
I got involved in my engineering studies and then studied to
Be a manager, to make a dream job, redesigned my life
If you were there life would have been better, much better
But some dreams are dreams and reality is far away................
Because what you want is not always you get in life..
I am now ok,  I am now fine , because with you family you are fine

There is sorrow that I lost my love
But the tears of happiness roll down my eyes
When I realize that my lost love made me
sow the seeds to the goal of my life...............

Anindya Mukherjee


Because I keep U clean..........

I am not highly educated and not a wealthy man
But important in society some important way
You shall never mess with me, take a bath
If you have an accidental touch with me.
You say I am a dirty man, I do dirty job
You feel my sense of smell does not work
I do not feel the pungent smell of your garbage
Yes I enjoy the pungent smell, I collect
What you throw away to keep your society clean
I work hard to keep your mood absolutely green
You say you live in a clean world , but that shall be
Till I continue my hard work, for my bread..........
They do not accept me in society , because
I remain in dump-yard , because I have to keep you clean
Because I am having no education  no money
You believe I am a small man but
I am what I am and I am need of your society
because without me your house and locality
shall always remain dirty...........................

Anindya Mukherjee

He or I............

I am having cars parked outside my home
Boss to several men, I Chinese Italian Continental
Indian and Thai to roasted boiled and Fry
I can move by choice, I can drink by choice
The world's costliest drinks.......
I can spend millions to look good and
Billions for a luxury and my status is high
I am a big man, my family is full of status
They say I am a tycoon but I............................
Sometimes I feel who is more happy
It is he or I, who is he.....
He who lives on the other side in the
pavement opposite my palace..........
Not worrying about his past and future
He only knows to earn his bread
works all the day and sleeps at night
Sometimes even getting wet in the rain
Shivering in the cold night, I complain but
he is calm, calm as ice...........
He has nothing and has only his clothes
and some work to earn his bread
And I have everything, all is perfect, all is well
But Still I complain, I run after success and
Everyday I redefine my goal.....................
But it is probably impossible to decide
Who is happy, He or I?

Note: Idea generated from a conversation between Mr. Arka Mukherjee and Prof. P.K.Mishra ( Principal , Institute of  Engineering and Management, (Management House), Kolkata

A soldier's love

I wait for him, I pray for him
Because he is facing guns and tanks
For the sake of protecting the motherland........
At time he makes me proud and the next
moment I am sad when I do realize that
may be tomorrow my love will just be a past
may be tomorrow  I shall not see him again
and he shall wait for me in the Heaven

I do feel sad for his job, he is depressed when he kills
He cries when he comes home, he feels he has killed
thousand of fathers, brothers, sons and  husbands.............
He says being an officer he had to kill with no personal grievance
He just followed orders but resulted in killing
When he came home we danced, we laughed, we dined, we sang
But then again he went for another war
I had no option but to eagerly wait for him or his news to come

He was awarded this time for his brave deeds...........
I was overjoyed to receive his award felling proud to have
Given my love for  to save my motherland..........but I was sad
again that I shall never be able to joke with him again
my mr. soldier will not tease me, not pull my hair again
he wanted me to study hard and wanted me to be a teacher
I am sure I shall fulfill his dreams.........................
And am sure he is waiting for me........
Records say he is missing he will not come anymore
But for me he is in my heart and my soul 
He is every breath of mine.....................
It is a feeling unexplained and shall always remain to be
because it feels great, it feels fear
but let me tell you dear
it is a blessing of destiny if you are a soldier's life............

Some things are expressed most are never expressed 
but for them we are secured at home and walk freely
so I salute men like him and I do feel proud
that in my motherland I am a soldier's half life............


The Barber

I cut your hair , I cut your nails
I make you look impressive for your date
after in my shop in a queue you wait
In society they say my class is low
But every big man before me bows his head
And I am required when you want your hair to be red
I shave their beard clean their face
make them look handsome
make them look kool and bright
But still they say I am a low class in the society
I am still considered an untouchable sometimes in their homes
they wash their clothes after they visit me
but I still feel proud because
Whoever you are wherever you come from
When u come to me you bow your head..............

..........because I am a machine

You made me, you r a god to me
whatever you say is a command to me
According to rule you are my master
I am there for you, to serve you
to record for you, to analyze for you
to calculate and make work easier for you
You say you are tired working with me
You need a coffee, you need a break
You need movies, sleep and other resources to refresh
But for me it is just a command from you and i refresh
I was designed not to be tired, not to say no 
I do obey what my creators wanted from me.........
Your memory is permanent but I forget as u wish me to do
I remember just what you want me to do
I make your work easier when you relax and sit
I can perform faster, and if you let me know
What you desire from me, you explain me the logic 
I cannot be wrong, I do your work to make you sing
I control your aircraft to give you a wing
but still you say I am a dumb and your are right
as a modern computer I may feel like a strong hunk 
but without your instructions I am just a piece of junk........................

The Friend Everywhere............

All your friends may leave you
May abuse you, may be zealous of you
May be sometimes you feel Irritated with them
But I am always with you............
You probably may know me, you heard my stories
But may be a the first thought you never thought
I am there, was there and shall be everywhere
I have seen you cry,seen you laugh 
Seen you work hard I wanted to share
But I did what you did and I do what you do
I always be with you and I always see you
but once in a blue moon you see me and
wonder why I follow you, who am I
Where did I come from where there is light
and where do I vanish in the darkness.
Well I shall tell you my  job is to be always with you
I was created to show you what you do
God created me to recognize you, to show you
What you have been doing, whether good or bad
but did not give me power to speak, power to rectify you
but as a part of my duty I shall remain everywhere with you
Being visible in the light and vanishing in the darkness so
because I believe when it is absolutely dark you enjoy your privacy
and I have no power to disturb you............................
You may be wondering who am I? where am I?
May be you have never seen me, never laughed with me
But being your shadow it's my duty to always remain with you
As I have no existence if there was no you.

How I chose to be an Entreprenure......

As a child when I was young
I dreamed I would be a bus conductor
then I realized how childish I was.......
Then I saw my dad in factory
Producing heavy sheets of steel
I thought I would follow him
The innocence vanished and adulthood came in
I thought I would be a doctor
But the syllabus said I should opt for engineering
And then days passed and I was qualified
to play with machines
I thought I need to manage the machine operators
So I got to management studies
I learned the lessons of life
I learned convincing other out of no reason
for any event in any season
I learned to control my temper
when the situation is absolutely against me
I learned to dream, I learned to sacrifise
Learned to set my goals and refine my dreams
I learned to speak and learned to love.....................
The innocent little fellow again came back to me   
I decided to think big think Wild Think Crazy
A people should now never say I am lazy
I tried my luck and success showed me the path
And I decided to go for the dream along with my job
One day I may employ U, and recruit from my college
But that day also I will be in the game
As I will always remain the same


Save Your Daughter

when you know that if women disappear the world will be still
when you know that you came to this world for a woman's pain
when you know that she always cares you, feels for you and dreams for you
I do not think you will be so barbaric, to let their number decrease
Being a man is not showing your power to kill a woman at her birth
Being a man is not hitting your wife in the evening
A true man is one who respects the dignity and integrity of women
A true man does respect every women
or else tigers will walk in this world, but humans will disappear....
Anindya Mukherjee

the night fairy.........

In the society where respected men live I am considered out of character they come to me enjoy and go and say in their homes that I am bad and this act of no recognition makes me really very sad.............. I do a social service, I do work hard I do it not for pleasure but for food And you come to me again and again to make your mood dude To fulfill your desire, I give you my service But you still after the work is done say I am bad, say I am having no character When I feel I really feel very sad.... My work is to sleep with many and with my body I earn my penny I had no option, no education, no food nobody gave me a job, and then one day one fine gentleman gave me an offer I accepted because my brother was hungry my parents were dead, so i had to go to his bed........ People say I have no emotion, I am a machine I do sell my dignity for my bread But my past was best, nobody tried to love me ever my emotions had no meaning in the past now and never today my brother is a student , still knowing am a service provider.............. he does not know, and I don't want him to know because then I may lose him forever They call me a fairy when they are drunk and after the alcohol effect goes I am again a bad woman, a characterless They abuse me and your society do not accept me But Your sister is safe at home because I am in my place I do fulfill human desire in return of money and am happy "I do not care what law says" I am giving a service, not stealing to do a crime. At last it is shocking to say You may say I am always bad........ But one night I may have been with your dad Narrated by the Night Fairy

Yes I do kill........

I do kill to earn my bread I get contracts to eliminate humans shoot them and get money in return not because I enjoy pulling the trigger but because now it has become a part of life Wen I started I had an ambition I had a mission I had a vision I had goals and dreams to fulfill them but destiny had different plans for me They came in my home wen I was an engineering student They killed my dad in front of my eyes, my mom died of shock misbehaved with my elder sister till she was mad I went to police but they were more powerful so the police listened to them out of revenge i had to take ............their life I did what law was supposed to do and as they did not work I had to do what was illegal I went to their place one day collecting a gun and I killed them and ran, they were 6 the goons of our locality...i killed them Then a minister gave me shelter in return I had to work for him...... I soon became the don and a political murder A hit man who killed for a contract and Enjoyed with alcohol, with drugs music and cigarettes I have all facilities, all amenities The police now fear me because of my political backing The common man say I am RAVAN I am a beast, a dangerous man but before I entered the underworld I thought of building the world's tallest skyscraper I thought of designing world class roads in our country But now even if I want I cannot return and I know my future is sealed a day my lever may burst, my brain may stop or i may be a source of medal for an encounter specialist officer but for the time am alive I am the king but inside my heart i mourn loudly and pray god god take me back and send me to hell A hitman like me does not pick guns by choice but was compelled to......if corruption exists people like me will grow and rule ........narrated by a don before he shot himself

A long distance bus driver....

Beyond the city on the highway He drives you away in his bus When you sleep in his bus and relax When you enjoy the ride he takes you form a city to another Responsible for your reaching in time When a common man sleeps Everyday at night he sets his eyes on the highway and and sets his foot on the accelerator to move ahead sometimes before schedule when his wife and children miss him at home Taking you to your destination is his goal For you the ride may be for joy It may be an experience of life Traveling with your love in a romantic mood But he has to drive all night for his food.. To take you in time and return back again on the same route probably on the minimum time For you he may be a small man But without him probably somebody had no options to return home Somebody may have not enjoyed a night ride in the highway in a luxury bus although you may be rich to travel in a plane it is sometimes an experience traveling in a bus......

Because I am not sane........

I cannot give a false smile at people cannot confidently lie......... never hesitate to speak the truth So they say I am insane I am not fit for the society they say I am not diplomatic so I may loose into corporate politics........ I am a fool because I believe in truth & honesty.. They tell a lie confidently people believe them because they are powerful, they are influential made their place in the society and compared to them I am a small fly I have nothing to make a cry they can anytime cry and anytime smile. When you meet them they will show you all their teeth but from inside will say once again I met this man God he should not hang up in the evening again At your face they say you are the best but as you turn around you become the worst...... They call it society, they call themselves civilized They are a part of civilized society but they do not feel, they smile at you to show but if you tell them their mistakes you are bad, if you protest you are bad if you do not want to see the people you dislike you are disrespecting them, you lack your societal values or you are an insane........not fit for the society and if being sane is acting just opposite to what your heart feels I am a happy man, a proud man, the most fortunate man Because I am not sane..................

Confessions of a Thief......

You work hard and earn your bread I steal that from you not because it is my habit, not because I love to live my life with your money i do it because I have no job because I have to somehow pull my home.. There was a time when I worked my factory closed down and I had no food my children starved, my wife had to work as a maid I could not tolerate that......I applied for jobs but all were actually cutting cost So I had to take what you earned without actually informing you....... But believe it is something I never want to do I wanted to have a job, wanted a happy family but circumstances made me steal but i do it because I never got any other sustaining deal Provided you give me a living, you give me a source of bread I will quit stealing........I always want to work hard and stealing is also not easy game if cops get you they will break you in jail and without money your also can't give u a bail but if you employ me my friend I would return all i have taken without informing you........

Out in the sea...........

To be out in the sea may seem an attractive journey to you....... it may feel romantic in a boat but for me its a nightmare out here every night when I sail in my boat to catch the fish....... To give u tasty fish I sail patiently in the salty waters and the fishes try to escape my net a million times I try and try to get them but they are most of the time clever than me I try and get a few and come back to sell them When I am in the sea in my rickety boat My family sits before god and pray form my well-being A small hole in the boat can take my life so everyday before i go i check it properly but sometimes in the rough sea it is god who actually helps me it is the power of worship on my wife's part to catch enough fish and return safely You say it is an adventure, but for me its a living It's a race to survive, earn my living Sometimes when the big fish comes and pushes the boat from below, it is only god's grace that saves............ But catching fish is an art to master sometimes it gives a lot and sometimes it is less But fishing is my living....and sea is my factory and my office is my boat.........

Why I wanted it form you??

You always hate me because I want it from you the thing which you have earned with your sweat mind body heart and soul, you should not give it to me..... Yeah but I also feel the guilt inside I also feel I am useless no use to the society when I ask for money to you for my food but believe me it was more than once I tried, I failed, they cheated me they took my land from me they gave me a little money and i came to your city not finding a job, not having a bread to eat I had no other way............ I had to give my child his share of bread I could have stolen it from your pocket but that would have become a sin I wanted to work, but they said I am not educated as you and I am not skilled as you I tried some work that would fit to my limited skill But now in the temple gate I sit and want it from you some give and some do not and with your sympathy I get my bread, I do not have a car like you but now I have your sympathy, I have the capacity to educate my son in government school so that he can be skilled like you so that he can live in a big house like you travel in a car like you.......................... I do not like to take the money you earned with your sweat But till I prepare my son to return all your favors to me To all ladies and gentlemen who helped me giving me coins and food Please patiently wait.................. ............Narrated by a beggar who wants his son to be a rich man

A hangman

They say I am the one who gives the
Ticket to hell actually...to end the life
of a convict who has crossed the limits
of the quota of his sins......
I have the job to send the criminals to hell
Murdering serious convicts by hanging them
Till their neck breaks and death comes in
less than a second..........
From the other side you feel I am
Doing a noble job, helping the society
But in my mind I do feel among the criminals
I have hanged, there may be an innocent man
There may have been somebody who is not
an actual murderer, his circumstances provoked him to kill
He would have been rewarded if he was an army-man or a policeman
He may not have been deserved to be on my list
To forget this after every killing I drink and they pay me a lot
for each execution I make....and they are sure with the knot I make
the neckbone will surely break
But inside my heart everyday I cry......I say sorry to god
For the sins I make by killing somebody I have not known
relying on the judge's decision who sits on the high chair of law
to give a verdict based on facts......................
but he himself cannot deny that the facts are always right
so this always creates a confusion in my mind
To ensure one is dead at one shot....to tie the knot i use
all my expertise and put butter to make it smooth
and cover the face with the black cloth
I kill as i have to kill not really for the society
but for my bread.....but in reality
I fear one day I will be haunted by someone
Who was wrongly convicted and for me was actually dead

Walking alone

Life is now not a bed of roses and it will never so be.... But I can work had to make it better as it related to "thee" You inspired me all day long and motivated me with lovely song To care and to help It was you who first asked It you with whose support I first completed my task All day all alone, i was Searching for a true love When You came along me and gave me a feeling that made me fell me as i am You overestimated me and made me realize a thing, that i was actually not a crap............ U supported me and motivated to the extent my dream wanted I never thought you would come along me from the past When you came into my life life became very fast A day looked like a second when U were around me A promise it to you that i shall never let U alone And it's a request form my side please never let me alone may b am the second but I serve better than the first the future is great with you so please let me forget my past

my old friend on train.........................

I was on my way to Bhopal.I was very excited as I was selected for the final interview of the country's most elite service "The Indian Army". I was in the AC 3tier compartment. There were all decent people. A beautiful woman I was sometimes looking at.Her eyes were really a piece of art. But I was reading a book designed for the interviews at least trying to so that I could get selected for the most elite service of my nation. Though I was finally declared not fit for the Army job but the initial excitement before selection was tremendous.The train first stopped at Durgapur and an old man boarded the train. I had a side upper birth and he had a lower birth just opposite to my seat. Uncle and I soon began talking and it was he who started the talk.Although I was not foolish to give my correct bio-data to a completely unknown person in today's world but somehow I felt he was not a bad man,he was a gentleman. We began to talk,I changed my Btech subject to electrical from Instrumentation,I changed my name to Anirban and my hometown to Sundarbans and also I reveled that my parents were school teachers and hiding my identity completely. I also changed my college to Jadavpur Engineering college, from my Techno India engineering college. But uncle had seen life and probably he understood that I was a student and so he gave me his original identity and he said he was working with a Bank in Mumbai for several years. He had seen India and wanted somebody to take charge and remove the corruption and unruliness that is prevailing in India.I said uncle that India is developing, I gave him a few examples of space science,bollywood,industrialization,flyovers,highways but I could not convince him much. Uncle continued and began his story but his only demand was I should quietly listen to him when he speaks.I agreed because listening to a story of an experienced man in a boring train journey shall of course bring some variety.I agreed to his demand and uncle started...... "I slept when Kanishka(my friend) was blown up. I slept when Hindus killed Muslims, when Muslims killed Hindus regardless of age, gender or region. I slept when Sikhs were gutted and killed. I slept when Kashmir burnt. I slept when a plane full of passengers and crew was taken to Kandahar. I slept when Biharis were targeted. And so will I sleep tonight when Mumbai once again burns. I am an Indian. I sleep. My country has been taken hostage not by terrorists. No, not by terrorists, but by people within it - ruling it. My country and my countrymen are held hostage and captive by its incompetent, uneducated, dishonest, exploitative, impotent, inefficient politicians, government and all its administrative departments. Efficiency is shown in bribing and in buying votes and seats, competence in bringing down other parties, expertise in bringing discord and playing divisive politics. Regionalism has reared its ugly head because I am sleeping. Reservation is still strongly advocated because I am sleeping. Corruption is deep rooted because I am sleeping. Raj Thackeray targets poor, unarmed Biharis but sits snugly under tight security when terrorists strike. A well published writer endorses Thackeray's dastardly action but shuts up when Mumbai is blown apart. It is easy to hound the poor laborer from Bihar than it is to raise your finger leave alone your voice against the organized terrorist. Crime and lawlessness are second nature. Criminals go free, breathing easy under a distorted system that protects their rights, whereas a Pragya is tortured, Sanjay Dutt is not left in peace. Every politician looks out for himself and himself alone. We have a defense ministry which defends only itself when it is found sleeping. And they are sleeping because I am sleeping. When I do rouse myself it is only for me- to target the neighbor's dog because his nocturnal barking is disturbing my beauty sleep. No, a hundred barking dogs cannot wake me. Criminals are made ministers because I sleep. Rapists go free when an eighty year old is penalized for smoking! Smoking is banned, bombs are allowed. I do not fear the terrorist from across the border. I fear the terrorist lurking within our motherland(INDIA) who wears khaki and who always comes in the guise of the unqualified politician, begging at my door with folded hands, a hypocritical smile on his smug face asking for my vote. Who do I vote for-The rapist or the religious fanatic? The murderer or the underworld don? Which honorable criminal is worthy of my esteemed vote? My heart bleeds but I will sleep on my soft mattress under my warm blanket. I am the long suffering, resilient Indian who has somehow lost his identity among Biharis, Marathis, Kannadigas, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Brahmins, the list is endless. " I was quietly listening and uncle made sure once whether I was listening and this time truly I was listening,I nodded my head and said "yes uncle Aur Battaiyye(say more)" and uncle continued "ab kya sunoge(what do u want to listen now)".I asked him to say his views on politics and uncle continued...... "Let's choose the best man , irrespective of any political party and make a new horizon as Vision India . Lets choose best economist, best retired defense personal, best humanist, best architect, best diplomat from our own individual constituency and fight the election against these corrupt political parties . But again , this will remain a dream only , as long , we are just remain in our comfort zone. If you need a change you have to change the entire system-The police,the politicians,the education infrastructure,the roads,job opportunities, culture, human values and ethics , control the population growth,dismantle the slums and replace them by houses. Are you ready to take this challenge? If the youth like you accept this challenge we can win again. When we were youth we freed our motherland, now you are youth and you have the task to recreate our motherland." I was speechless because did not know the answer."Was it ever possible to change the attitude of Indian citizens, Was it possible to control the population in a country where children are considered god's gift........etc,etc kept on coming in my mind and then I told him the possibility of having a strong leader.A organized force and uncle gave me an option to form a community.He said it was the most difficult task he was giving me if I was ready to take the responsibility.But I said "who am I. I am just a student,I don't anything about politics and beurocracy but uncle said me "when Akbar became the king he was a boy not even a 18 and you are about 21 if he could be a great king why not you be a great leader" I laughed and smiled at him and he smiled back.The train stopped in a station and I decided to buy some water so I asked uncle to look after my luggage and then uncle gave me a Rs20 note to buy a bottle of water for him .I agreed.Maybe I was seeing my own grandfather somewhere in him .I lost my grandfather before my matriculation exams.And my maternal grandfather expired before I came to this world.I bought two bottles of water one for me and I for uncle and returned the change of to uncle.He accepted it but I could feel that he had a bit hesitation in accepting the change because maybe he was seeing his own grandson in me who he said has settled in USA during our earlier talks and uncle was not happy about it. Maybe he wanted to give the special task to his grandson that he was giving me now. We had talked throughout the evening and slept at night and also the next morning and the boredom of the journey had slowly disappeared although there was a generation gap of about 4 decades between me and uncle we shared the same feeling of patriotism. It was uncle who first made me realize that if a organized task force of youth can be formed then we can change and achieve everything and he said there should be one leader always who shall guide others to success.I started to dream abut myself being a leader and then the topic changed, he said some benefits of rail budget and some drawbacks of rapid population growth, ways to increase education according to him and all other topics like sports,politics,history etc. Then uncle got down a few stations before Bhopal and my old friend was lost forever. But whatever he said and the challange he gave me to create a developed and corruption free India is still on my mind.I don't know really if it is possible but I promise to everyone and Uncle that I will do whatever possible form my side to form an organized task force for the development of INDIA and also the entire world. But one thing is clear in my mind my friends it is not possible to clap with one hand and a single man cannot create a mass revolution to change the world....................................... If all of us join hands together we can again recreate our happiness but that depends totally on the people.......................The people have to decide they will give the power to devils slowly and destroy the world or they will defeat all problems and go ahead in life............. Choice is yours and U decide........................................